Sports activities day with children!

On the 7th of November, members of our club helped in organizing and conducting sports activities for children. This involved helping out in the planned games and interacting with the children, who were under the age of 13 and came from and around the area of Mariahoeve in the Hague. Also, parents and some passers-by were present as spectators outside the sports ground, savouring the moment. It was a fun day for the members of the club to be around children, who were full of energy, laughing and enjoying the games!

Farmers for a day!

Last weekend, our club Rotaract Scheveningen visited a local city farm in the Hague! We helped with various activities at the Stadsboerderij Schildershoeve: gardening, painting, and of course, petting and taking pictures of the lovely animals in the farm!

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Rotaract Scheveningen participated in a local food bank activity!

On September 12, Rotaract Scheveningen, together with Rotary Scheveningen and Rotary residentie, gathered food for a local food bank in Scheveningen! Our team of club members and volunteers joined efforts in helping Schappelijk Sociale Winkel to provide food to those in need. The initial goal was to gather 60 crates of food. In the end, we managed to gather 100 crates! We would like to thank everyone who took part in this activity and we are looking forward to many more inspiring initiatives in the future!

Rotaract Webinar: Peace and Security in theory and practice UN75

On the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, Rotaract Scheveningen will be having a webinar, which is part of our Peace & Justice theme. We will be joined by wonderful guests:
– Ella van den Heuvel – Defence staff
– Liselot van Egmond – Dutch Permanent Representative at the UN.Our Moderator is:
Nora Stehouwer-van Lersel.

Please register via the link below:–1Aua5cVFnGPtwCiysIJwiLDEIFe-kku3Iuwdej8/

Beirut Stay Strong!

Our club Rotaract Scheveningen stands together in support of our fellow Lebanese Rotaracters and their families following the massive explosion that took place at Beirut’s port on August 4, 2020.

The explosion led to the devastating destruction in multiple neighbourhoods, where hundreds lost their lives and thousands were left injured and without homes or necessities. In addition, over the past few months Lebanon has also been suffering through severe economic turmoil as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you want to join us in supporting our friends in Lebanon?

The city has been largely destroyed. 300,000 people have lost their homes, more than 135 have been killed and much of the food has been destroyed. Money is urgently needed to provide health aid, food and shelter to those affected.

I) Donation to Rotaract Lebanon with GoFundMe Disaster Relief Fund for Lebanon:

II) Donation to the Red Cross

III) Donation to giro 555

Do you want to participate in an action or do you want to organize a project for Lebanon? In the context of join, think along, participate:

Sign up via this form:

Join the Facebook support event :

Photo Credit: Rotaract Disaster Relief Fund for Lebanon 

Stay strong, Lebanon! We are with you!

Environmental webinar

Last week, our club Rotaract Scheveningen organised its second webinar, this time on environmental issues! During the webinar, we discussed the current state of the environment and how we, as a community, can contribute to a more sustainable future.

We would like to thank our guest speakers for their wonderful presentations! Giovanni Cappa from Sea Shepherd shared his experience as a medical officer. We also had the opportunity to learn more about the meaning behind Rotaract for the Oceans initiative! Giovanni is part of Rotaract Club Pavia, District 2050.
Our second speaker, Lloyd Edwards from WWF, has built up and leads a team of more than 100 volunteers. Lloyd shared his knowledge and experience on maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. We learned how to calculate and reduce our environmental footprint among other things!
Finally, Gert-Jan van Dommelen spoke about the idea behind the End Plastic Soup initiative. He explained the importance of Rotary and Rotaract in action to end plastic soup worldwide.
Last but not least, thank you to our amazing moderator Johanna Helsing! Her contribution to having a fruitful discussion was invaluable.
Thank you to everyone who joined us and we look forward to many more interesting webinars to come!

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Rotaract presents: Environmental Webinar!

Join Rotaract Scheveningen for another webinar! Where? Zoom! When? Tuesday, 9 June 2020 from 20:30 pm!

This time we will be talking about Environmental issues during Covid 19. Hope to see you there!

Below you can find more information about our guest speakers!

Our moderator will be Johanna Helsing. An amazing person for ordering a good discussion!

Meet our first speaker:

Lloyd Edwards from WWF

Lloyd trained as an economist & an accountant.

Working in the corporate environment for decades, Lloyd gained a great deal of commercial experience. Realizing that something should be done to ensure that our planet remains habitable for future generations, he decided to devote as much time as possible to achieving this.

Starting from a small base, he has built-up & leads a team of more than 100 volunteers of all different backgrounds & nationalities. This team goal is to help mobilse society to a sustainable future, by building relations with, & delivering events to, businesses, academic institutions, & community based organisations.

Meet our second speaker:

Ben Ayliff from Greenpeace

I’ve been a Greenpeace campaigner since 2001 and have worked on many of our international campaigns, from GM Foods to nuclear energy, and have most recently been leading our fight to keep Shell and other oil companies out of fragile environments like the Arctic and Amazon Reef. I’m currently a Senior Strategist on GPI’s Climate Urgency Team.

Meet our third speaker:

Giovanni Cappa from Sea Shepherd

Medical Officer for Sea Shepherd in the free time, currently specializing in emergency medicine.

Rotaract Club Pavia, District 2050

It will be a discussion to remember!

Peace Webinar

Rotaract Scheveningen, 5 May 2020

On Tuesday 5 May 2020, day marking 75 years of peace since the end of the Second World War in The Netherlands, the Rotaract Scheveningen organised its first webinar on Peace. Forty Rotaract members and guests gathered virtually to discuss the importance of peace in the context of the 1990s Balkan wars and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The discussion started with Ms Leila Prnjavorac’s personal account of the Bosnian war (1992-1995) which she experienced as a young girl who grew up in former Yugoslavia. Ms Prnjavorac shared with us her memory of the war and of her escape with her family to The Netherlands, country chosen for its tolerance, which led her to become a Freedom ambassador advocating for peace. 

After hearing this moving and inspiring testimony, the audience listened to Mr Nenad Golcevsk, who worked for several years at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and now at its residual mechanism, the MICT, in the Public Information Office. Mr Golcevsk described how the ICTY’s work contributed to fighting impunity, deterring the perpetuation of war crimes, and granting a space for witnesses to tell their stories and ‘complete their mission’ by contributing to justice. Mr Golcevsk further explained the need for justice to reach peace and later normalisation among communities. 

Finally, another crucial aspect of peace building was described by Ms Ingrid Rollema from the Hope Foundation who dedicated her life to arts and the impact they can have on reducing violence and inter-ethnical conflicts. Ms Rollema initiated children living in the Gaza Strip to arts as a way to develop and express themselves. By painting themselves and scenes of their life or by performing dances in ruined cities, they hope to make their voice heard by the rest of the world. 

The Rotaract Scheveningen would like to thank all the participants who joined this Peace Webinar and contributed with their questions to such a fruitful discussion. We would also like to thank Ms Nora Stehouwer-Van Iersel for moderating the event with energy and passion, and our three speakers who inspired us with their experiences and ideas. If you would like to follow their work, click on the following links: