Peace Webinar

Rotaract Scheveningen, 5 May 2020

On Tuesday 5 May 2020, day marking 75 years of peace since the end of the Second World War in The Netherlands, the Rotaract Scheveningen organised its first webinar on Peace. Forty Rotaract members and guests gathered virtually to discuss the importance of peace in the context of the 1990s Balkan wars and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The discussion started with Ms Leila Prnjavorac’s personal account of the Bosnian war (1992-1995) which she experienced as a young girl who grew up in former Yugoslavia. Ms Prnjavorac shared with us her memory of the war and of her escape with her family to The Netherlands, country chosen for its tolerance, which led her to become a Freedom ambassador advocating for peace. 

After hearing this moving and inspiring testimony, the audience listened to Mr Nenad Golcevsk, who worked for several years at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and now at its residual mechanism, the MICT, in the Public Information Office. Mr Golcevsk described how the ICTY’s work contributed to fighting impunity, deterring the perpetuation of war crimes, and granting a space for witnesses to tell their stories and ‘complete their mission’ by contributing to justice. Mr Golcevsk further explained the need for justice to reach peace and later normalisation among communities. 

Finally, another crucial aspect of peace building was described by Ms Ingrid Rollema from the Hope Foundation who dedicated her life to arts and the impact they can have on reducing violence and inter-ethnical conflicts. Ms Rollema initiated children living in the Gaza Strip to arts as a way to develop and express themselves. By painting themselves and scenes of their life or by performing dances in ruined cities, they hope to make their voice heard by the rest of the world. 

The Rotaract Scheveningen would like to thank all the participants who joined this Peace Webinar and contributed with their questions to such a fruitful discussion. We would also like to thank Ms Nora Stehouwer-Van Iersel for moderating the event with energy and passion, and our three speakers who inspired us with their experiences and ideas. If you would like to follow their work, click on the following links: 

Peace Webinar 5th of May!

Joins us for our special webinar on the importance of peace in today’s globalized world! On the 5th of May, we will have a conversation with some incredible guest speakers who have personally experienced the significance of the word ‘peace’ and who are working in the field of peace and justice.

What do we mean when we talk about peace? How can we achieve peace? Surprisingly or not, art is usually one of the answers.

Find more information about our guest speakers below.

We will kick off the event with an introduction to the topic of peace by our moderator Nora Stehouwer-van Iersel. Nora will talk about the importance of celebrating 75 years of freedom and peace which will be discussed in the context of the Balkan Wars and the conflict over the Palestinian territories. Both events serve as evidence for the human suffering of war and the need for peace.

Leila Prnjavorac is a freedom ambassador. She will tell us her personal story about the war in the Balkans, her flight to the Netherlands, and why the international tribunals are so important today.

Nenad Golcevski will tell us about her work at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the functioning of the Mechanism. Nenad will tell us more about the creation of the court, what did it do – in short- and why is the voice of victims so important. Did the court manage to bring peace in the area? Join us to find out.

Ingrid Rollema works for the Hope Foundation and will tell us more about her project in the Palestinian areas.

Want to make use of your free time spent at home and learn more about important issues from different areas around the world? Let’s stay together in these times and learn more about peace!

See you there!

Join our #EndPlasticChallenge now!

Hey everyone! We hope you are staying safe and healthy!

Just because you have to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t make a positive difference! Need some inspiration? Join our #EndPlasticChallenge now! Our club is organizing #DoItAtHome initiative where you can share your contribution to reducing plastic waste! Let’s turn these challenging times into an opportunity to become more aware of our daily plastic consumption. You can start today. Grab a big grocery bag and start filling it with plastic waste. Then share the results with hashtag #EndPlasticChallenge. Spread the word and challenge your friends to do the same! Some of our members already completed the challenge… now it’s your turn! 

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First Meet & Greet of the year!

Yesterday we were joined by two incredible guest speakers, Chale Guadamuz and Sophie Kwizera from The Hague Peace Project! As part of our 5th Meet and Greet event, Chale and Sophie talked about the importance of global action in peacebuilding and human rights defence. We had the opportunity to discuss the role of The Hague as a city of peace and justice, and its relation to Rotaract Club Scheveningen as a community of young people sharing a common vision for a peaceful world! We would like to thank everyone who joined us for an inspiring conversation!

Rotaract Club Scheveningen turns 40!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rotaract Club Scheveningen!! Today is a very special day as our Club celebrates its 40th anniversary! Since 21st of February 1980, we have been united in our effort and dedication to making the world around us a better place! 40 years of unforgettable experiences for the common goal of contributing to society. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us in our journey throughout the years. Regular beach clean-ups, charity runs in the rain, painting with kids in a local community centre are just a few of the reasons to celebrate and look forward to many more anniversaries to come! #Rotaractat40 #HappyBirthday #RotaLove #Anniversary #40yearsofHappiness #40reasonstoGive

Meet & Greet evenings are back!

On the 8th of October, our club organised the first Meet & Greet event of the new season. We gathered once more to meet with friends and have a nice evening while listening 2 inspirational talks.

Our first guest speaker Susan Kraaijeveld, a member of Rotary Dordrecht and the ambassador of WarChild, gave a presentation about the project she is organising with WarChild in various countries. We heard about how education is crucial in developing countries and learn about the youth education programme with examples from Beirut.

Following Susan, we welcomed Marcel Kampmann, who is an architect working mainly on housing projects. He gave us an insight about the challenges and potentials of social housing and how it influences our everyday life.

After the presentations of both speakers, we enjoyed the rest of our evening while having some drinks and getting to know each other better.

We are already looking forward the next Meet & Greet! Stay tuned for our new speakers and new topics 🙂

Beach Clean-up! Part of World Clean-Up Effort.

On 21st of September together with Rotary Scheveningen and WWF we will be part of World effort to clean up.

Join us from 15.00 in Scheveningen on September 21st. So far, with our previous 3 clean-ups we gathered around 250KG from the beach. We hope this will be less naturally this time.

Together with WWF and Rotary Scheveningen. There will be also workshop about carbon footprint.

This time we will join global effort to clean-up trash everywhere. Join us in effort to clean-up the beach once more. #rotaract #endplasticnow #trashtag

Day with Kids in local Community Centre.

On the last weekend of May, the Rotaract Club Scheveningen in collaboration with De Kroko’s Kids Club organized some entertaining activities for 5-12 y.o. children and their parents who attended the event. The day started with painting but the one of a very special kind. Kids were using white t-shirts provided by our Club as a plain canvas where they could unleash their creativity and decorate them according to their individual ideas and preferences.

Overall, children were very excited to become fashion designers even for some time; they were even more excited to take their masterpieces home afterwards. Another highlight of the day was a motion game «Animal Kingdom» when three teams were demonstrating their artistic talents while imitating a chosen animal. The audience (surely impressed by performance) had to guess what kind of animals were in front of them…Children were enjoying it so much that the game could last forever…Luckily, they got hungry and we had lunch together — otherwise we would have run out of animal options to perform: at the end of the game almost all existing creatures were already covered.

9th of March, Beach-Clean-Up

How did our day go?

9 March 2019 – Programme of the day

The start of the day was in beachclub Oscars, at Scheveningen with coffee and a snack.

Lloyd from WWF and Ralph from Thrashurehunt told us their personal history and why they were doing this work for many years already. It was very inspiring to hear their motivation. Ralph said for example we could all turn our negative thoughts on the trash other people are making into a positive one and have self fulfilment by cleaning up with our body, a gifted machine with which we could do this work. Since we had Dutch weather, we were very lucky to go outside soon after this introduction. We had around 30 participants under which rotaracters from several clubs of the The participants were divided in two groups, one to clean up the beach with the WWF and the other group to clean up the dunes with Trashure hunt. The leaders of the two groups told us that they were organising a lot of these events, but they were surprised by our enthusiasm and engagement in this. There was sunshine, wind and also a lot of trash(including plastic). We were surprised what we found. The beach club season wasn’t officially started yet, but already there were many things that didn’t originally belong in nature…

We found a lot of cigarette filters, plastic straws, cups, packaging andeven a big tube and a plastic rain boot… In total we collected more than 165 kg of trash! All of us felt really satisfied by this result of hard working together. It was also fun!

This project couldn’t have been done without our Partners and Support

For this project we contacted many people and organisations. As partners we had as international organisation, World Wildlife Fund ( and also a local organisation from The Hague, Trashurehunt ( The vision of both organizations is that we, as humans, can make a difference in a positive way to erase our footprint in our environment and to end the plastic pollution. They are activating and motivating people and creating awareness. From Rotary club Scheveningen, our Mother club, we got financial support for our project. Thank you.