We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.

Rotaract is committed in charity work, but also provides a big social network. Next to this, Rotaract is a lot of fun!


Helping Sintvoorieder1

Saturday November 4th 5 eager Rotaracters went to Sintvoorieder1 to help prepare for Sinterklaas. Sintvoorieder1 is an organization that provides Sinterklaas presents to children and teenagers in difficult circumstances. Consequently, we spent a fun day wrapping presents so that as many kids as possible have a surprise on December 5th.

In contrast to last year, we started wrapping presents for children 0 – 2 years old instead of 10 – 11 years. We discovered that presents such as a teddy bears and other soft things are difficult to wrap in a beautiful wrap. This way most of us had the chance to be as creative as possible when wrapping the presents. Others decided that it would be better to manage the supply chain, i.e. bring new presents to the wrapping table. This way we managed to wrap over 200 gifts during the day. We enjoyed ourselves greatly and are already looking forward to the next Sinterklaas season. Below you can find some general information about the foundation and pictures.

Sintvoorieder1 Foundation aims to provide as many children aged 0 to 18 years with a Sinterklaas gift worth about 10 euros. The gifts are meant for children for whom a gift from Sinterklaas is not obvious. Often these children are dependent on food banks, (emergency) shelter (such as stay homes, open shelters and assisted living).


A Saturday at the Woelige Stal

The cleaning of stables belongs to Rotaract The Hague – Scheveningen’s annual recurring activities. Therefore, also this year we went to the Woelige Staal on September 30 to work as Jack of all trades. After a quickly touring the grounds and a cup of coffee, the stables were first cleaned, after which new hay could be laid on the ground. Then it was time for lunch.

The next task was to (re)place a fence. The Woelige Staal has received a piece of land from the municipality. Placing the fence asked for quite some of excavation work, but the first part has been done.

When this was finished as far as possible on that day, we could go home satisfied. Now we have to wait for next year! 

Baking pancakes at Middin

On April 22nd our annual activity organized by the new members took place in cooperation with Present Den Haag. Nine members of Rotaract visited the Middin in Newtonstraat in Den Haag. There we prepared lunch for the elderly and ate with them.

The lunch consisted of pancakes with stroop, sugar, etc. After an initial discussion over the correct pancake recipe (American vs. Dutch) we split up over the various kitchens available at Middin and started baking. Overall, it was a fun activity with great reactions from Middin.

We would like to thank Present Den Haag for their help with this project.


Are you interested in joining one of our meetings? Send an e-mail to Astrid (our secretary) at secretarisrotaractscheveningen.nl with some information about yourself and why you’d like to join. See you soon!