The Admiral (30) President


Having previously lived in different cities, came to the Hague recently to work. Enjoying creative hobbies from photography to the theatre. Became a member of Rotaract because it seems as an active young group who put themselves for the good of the area.

Rudolph (31) 


Looking for an adventure I came to the Netherlands in 2014. At the University of Twente I did a Masters in Construction Management and after graduating I moved to Leiden to start working in the construction world. I decided to join Rotaract to help and share time with the local community doing voluntary work. In addition to helping the community, joining this group is a very nice opportunity to meet other international young professionals and make new friends.

Froukje (30) Vice-President


Een gesprek begint vaak met de vraag: wat doe je? Naar mijn idee is het eerder relevant te vertellen waar je vandaan komt en waar je naartoe wilt. Ik ben geboren en getogen in Den Haag. Na mijn studie kunstgeschiedenis in Leiden en verschillende periodes in het buitenland te hebben gewoond, ben ik teruggekeerd naar mijn geboortestad. Ik ben lid geworden van Rotaract omdat ik samen met andere young professionals wil bijdragen aan een samenleving waarin mensen zich met elkaar verbonden voelen. De bijeenkomsten zijn gezellig en vol inspiratie; het is interessant om nieuwe mensen vanuit diverse achtergronden en beroepsgroepen te ontmoeten en gezamenlijk te werken aan mooie projecten.


Originally from Moscow, I lived in Belgium previously and moved to the Netherlands about a year ago for my job. I studied IT and management and now work at ING, helping to connect wide IT an business worlds. I joined Rotaract to become a member of a community of like-minded people and meet new people. Working so far in several Rotaract initiatives, like cleaning forests or supporting organizations for children with disabilities, I really enjoy it as I feel my contribution to a common purpose

 Ksusha (26)

Born in Siberia, raised in Moscow, I have been always passionate about continuous learning combined with kind deeds and adventures. That is why I have opted for a cosmopolitan life journey having studied and worked in the field of public financial management so far in Russia,
France, the USA, Germany and now in the Netherlands.
Wherever I go, I am trying to make the best of it both for my personal development and for the benefit of the host community that eventually becomes an integral part of my life. Being a member of the Rotaract Club Scheveningen gives me an opportunity to collaborate on benevolent projects alongside inspiring people from all over the world – such an
exciting experience!

Pierpaolo (30), Treasurer


I come from Rome, where I lived and finished my studies in Business. After my graduation in 2016 I decided to move abroad looking for a new opportunity and I ended up in Den Haag, selling Dutch vegetables all around the world.

With Rotaract Club Scheveningen I can give my contribution to the local community and receive every time new input and ideas about a very different topic, thanks to the multicultural environment of the club.

Gabriela (23)


Born and raised in Bulgaria, I moved to the Netherlands four years ago to pursue further studies. I am currently doing a Master’s degree in Crisis and Security Management at Leiden University in The Hague. Besides managing crises, I am passionate about making a positive difference through community service. I became a member of Rotaract Club because it gives me an opportunity to engage in long-term community projects and contribute to a good cause. Through Rotaract, I found a community of young, open-minded professionals who devote themselves to helping others while having fun and making friends from all over the world!


Born in Chile and raised abroad, I have been living in The Hague for the last 3 years. I did my MSc. in Public Administration at Leiden University and I am currently working as a data analyst in Amsterdam. Since very young I’ve been interested and involved in community integration and supporting local groups in voluntary work. I believe in the importance of giving assistance and helping in any ways possible. I am a proud member of Rotaract Scheveningen, and strive to give my support with the rest of my team.

Solene (25), Secretary
Born in the region of Bordeaux (France) I moved to The Netherlands for the first time in 2015 to study Public International Law and was lucky enough to stay and work for international courts in The Hague. I discovered the Rotaract organisation in 2010 while doing a one-year student exchange in New Zealand with the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme. This incredible opportunity showed me how beneficial it is to engage with people from different countries to achieve common goals. Joining the Rotaract is for me a way to dedicate some of my time to helping others through local and international projects while remaining part of the big Rotary family.

Christo (28)

I join Rotaract in order to volunteer my time, talents and skills towards a global cost of uniting and taking positive action in service to humanity. I believe through Rotaract, I can actively and timely contribute towards serving humanity, and promoting service and goodwill amongst people and communities; a cause that I am passionate about.


My name is Angeliki and I am from Greece. I am excited to introduce myself as a member of Rotaract club. I have a BSc in Psychology from Leiden University and I will start my MSc in Applied Cognitive Psychology. My grandfather, a member of Rotary Club himself, has been an inspiration to me. It was him who taught me that volunteering gives you the chance to vote every day about the kind of community and world you want to live in and the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself.

Yuliya (30)

As I lived in different countries before, I relocated to Den Haag in 2018 due to my work and fell in love with the city and the country. I’m an automotive engineer working in information security. Following my continuous volunteering journey, I have joined Rotaract club to be able to participate in projects I am passionate about, contribute to the local communities and meet like-minded people.