Completed Projects

Move for GECAF 2021 AND 2022

Rotaract’s awareness campaign and fundraiser around the world for Rotary Give Every Child A Future project. Join us as we MOVE to support the GECAF project vaccinating 100,000 Children in 9 Pacific Countries. Be a part of Rotaract saving lives.
The fundraising element of this project can be taken on by an individual, Club, District or even an MDIO. Every $45 vaccinates one child and we are aiming to close out our project having vaccinated 1000 children. You can choose to make a personal donation, or host an event on our International #MOVEFORGECAF day and help raise money towards our cause. If you decide to arrange a fundraiser, let us know and we will help raise awareness for it and we can show all the places around the world that are involved in this project. We are so proud to have been joined by Rotaractors in over 22 countries and counting!
We have had 29 countries moving with us for two years to raise awareness!

We are here because we believe that united we can not only raise money but awareness about the impact Rotary is having on the lives of the Children of the Pacific.

Total project amount was 100.000.
In 2 years we raised 600 euro.

Fund Raising for MPSBA

In collaboration with 20 Rotary and Rotaract clubs, we united to raise funds for Mentoring Peace Builders South Africa (MPBSA), a non-profit organization based in Cape Town. MPBSA is dedicated to empowering youth as community leaders, addressing issues through meaningful dialogue and proactive initiatives. Serving over 150 children annually, the organization conducts quarterly camps to cultivate peacebuilding ambassadors in high-risk South African communities, along with youth development programs.

As part of a global initiative, we organized a beach volleyball tournament in Scheveningen on July 1st, contributing to a full day of activities around the world. This event aimed not only to raise funds but also to promote awareness and support for MPBSA’s mission of fostering leadership and peacebuilding among South African youth.

Total target amount 20.000 dollars
We raised 200 euro.

STEM Education Project for Girls in Lebanon

We actively sponsored and collaborated on a STEM Education Project for girls in Lebanon, which has successfully concluded. This initiative specifically targeted girls aged 14-15, aiming to ignite their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) studies. The project included a dedicated weekend program tailored to engage and inspire these young minds in Lebanon.

Our involvement in this endeavor goes beyond financial support, as we played a key role in the organization and execution of the program. The focus was on creating an immersive experience that not only introduced the participants to various STEM concepts but also provided hands-on activities and mentorship opportunities. By fostering a supportive environment and showcasing the practical applications of STEM disciplines, we aimed to encourage these girls to consider pursuing careers in science and technology.

The successful completion of the STEM Education Project in Lebanon represents a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting education and empowering young individuals, particularly girls, to explore and excel in fields that are traditionally underrepresented by women. Through initiatives like these, we strive to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse future in STEM-related fields.

We raised 1000 euro from 2000 euro total budget.