New & Upcoming Projects

Drink water for victims of earthquake in Turkey via waterpump! Rotary Global Grant

Empower Lives: Provide Clean Water in Adiyaman, Turkey – Your Support Matters! Picture the profound impact of clean water on a community’s recovery after an earthquake. Global Grant 23-49396 is poised to deliver this life-changing necessity to earthquake victims in Adiyaman, Turkey, within a Rotary-sponsored container city. Our water-treatment system, filtering a staggering 360,000 liters daily, not only enhances living conditions but also combats the spread of diseases within the community. This initiative pledges to ignite transformative change, touching 5,000 lives – encompassing men, women, and children.

The budget for this vital mission is $40,974. As the key international contacts for the William & Mary Rotaract Club in District 7600, reach out to Allisyn Lam and Amir Sharitmadari at +1 571-246-2432 and, respectively. Guided by Walter Hughes, a revered figure from the Salem Rotary Club, renowned for 17 years of impactful Rotary projects, our team is primed for success. Stepping into the role of the host Rotaract Club is the Rotaract Club of Istanbul-Adalar, Turkey. In synergy with the Rotaract Club of Pierre-Loti Bilgi, they are orchestrating the project’s comprehensive execution. Yagiz Kiroglu ensures seamless coordination on the ground. Post-grant, the Adiyaman Municipal government pledges to maintain the water purification system. Adding to this potent synergy, Rotaract Scheveningen, an international ally, has answered the call on behalf of District 1600.

Partnering with Rotary Foundation District 1600, Rotaract Scheveningen ardently aims to raise essential funds. Your active participation is pivotal.

By contributing to NL48 ABNA 0443 5116 32, you directly create life-altering change. Rotaract Scheveningen ambitiously seeks to raise $4,000, spotlighting District 1600’s impactful water projects. Your support brings clean water and a beacon of hope to Adiyaman.

United, we wield the power to nurture lasting impact, transforming lives and fostering positive change. Thank you for propelling this life-altering initiative with your support. Your contribution holds immense significance.

District Grant 2022-2023: Climate educational package for schools 8-9 year olds – Romania en South Africa

The most effective approach to address climate change is through education, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in fostering awareness and inspiring positive action. In our initiative, we aim to target young children aged 8-10 by providing them with a comprehensive, free educational package. This package has been meticulously crafted right here in The Hague, under the supervision of a diverse group of educators and thoroughly vetted by experts.

Our strategy involves implementing this educational project in schools located in both Romania and South Africa. By collaborating closely with local Rotaract clubs, we seek to enhance and tailor the educational package to suit the specific needs and cultural contexts of each region. This collaborative effort ensures that the educational content is not only accurate and informative but also culturally sensitive and relevant.

Through this initiative, our goal is to empower young minds with the knowledge and understanding of climate change, fostering a sense of responsibility and inspiring them to actively contribute to positive changes in the climate. By laying the foundation for environmental awareness at a young age, we believe we can instill a lifelong commitment to sustainable practices and create a generation of informed individuals ready to tackle the challenges of climate change.

District Grant 2023-2024: Pre-school program in Cambodia with DARA

Initiating a comprehensive preschool education package for 4-5 year olds in Cambodia has proven to be both fascinating and imperative. Recognizing the crucial need for early childhood education, especially in regions with limited access, we are committed to bridging this educational gap. By introducing a tailored program for preschool kids in Cambodia, we aim to create not just a curriculum but also opportunities for these young learners. Improved access to education serves as a catalyst for enhancing the prospects and future possibilities for these children.

In this endeavor, we are fortunate to have a fantastic partner, namely DARA – Europa. This organization boasts a commendable track record of over 10 years, successfully implementing numerous projects in Cambodia. Their extensive experience and expertise make them a valuable collaborator in our mission to provide quality preschool education in the region. Through this partnership, we are confident in the positive impact our program will have on the educational landscape for young children in Cambodia.