9th of March, Beach-Clean-Up

How did our day go?

9 March 2019 – Programme of the day

The start of the day was in beachclub Oscars, at Scheveningen with coffee and a snack.

Lloyd from WWF and Ralph from Thrashurehunt told us their personal history and why they were doing this work for many years already. It was very inspiring to hear their motivation. Ralph said for example we could all turn our negative thoughts on the trash other people are making into a positive one and have self fulfilment by cleaning up with our body, a gifted machine with which we could do this work. Since we had Dutch weather, we were very lucky to go outside soon after this introduction. We had around 30 participants under which rotaracters from several clubs of the The participants were divided in two groups, one to clean up the beach with the WWF and the other group to clean up the dunes with Trashure hunt. The leaders of the two groups told us that they were organising a lot of these events, but they were surprised by our enthusiasm and engagement in this. There was sunshine, wind and also a lot of trash(including plastic). We were surprised what we found. The beach club season wasn’t officially started yet, but already there were many things that didn’t originally belong in nature…

We found a lot of cigarette filters, plastic straws, cups, packaging andeven a big tube and a plastic rain boot… In total we collected more than 165 kg of trash! All of us felt really satisfied by this result of hard working together. It was also fun!

This project couldn’t have been done without our Partners and Support

For this project we contacted many people and organisations. As partners we had as international organisation, World Wildlife Fund (https://www.worldwildlife.org) and also a local organisation from The Hague, Trashurehunt (https://trashurehunt.org). The vision of both organizations is that we, as humans, can make a difference in a positive way to erase our footprint in our environment and to end the plastic pollution. They are activating and motivating people and creating awareness. From Rotary club Scheveningen, our Mother club, we got financial support for our project. Thank you.