Rotaract presents: Environmental Webinar!

Join Rotaract Scheveningen for another webinar! Where? Zoom! When? Tuesday, 9 June 2020 from 20:30 pm!

This time we will be talking about Environmental issues during Covid 19. Hope to see you there!

Below you can find more information about our guest speakers!

Our moderator will be Johanna Helsing. An amazing person for ordering a good discussion!

Meet our first speaker:

Lloyd Edwards from WWF

Lloyd trained as an economist & an accountant.

Working in the corporate environment for decades, Lloyd gained a great deal of commercial experience. Realizing that something should be done to ensure that our planet remains habitable for future generations, he decided to devote as much time as possible to achieving this.

Starting from a small base, he has built-up & leads a team of more than 100 volunteers of all different backgrounds & nationalities. This team goal is to help mobilse society to a sustainable future, by building relations with, & delivering events to, businesses, academic institutions, & community based organisations.

Meet our second speaker:

Ben Ayliff from Greenpeace

I’ve been a Greenpeace campaigner since 2001 and have worked on many of our international campaigns, from GM Foods to nuclear energy, and have most recently been leading our fight to keep Shell and other oil companies out of fragile environments like the Arctic and Amazon Reef. I’m currently a Senior Strategist on GPI’s Climate Urgency Team.

Meet our third speaker:

Giovanni Cappa from Sea Shepherd

Medical Officer for Sea Shepherd in the free time, currently specializing in emergency medicine.

Rotaract Club Pavia, District 2050

It will be a discussion to remember!