Rotaract helps the Food Bank

On Saturday, June 4th Rotaract The Hague – Scheveningen helped the Food Bank Haaglanden (Voedselbank Haaglanden) with several chores. The work consisted of upgrading the outdoor area (patio) used by the volunteers of the Food Bank and painting the canteen. Both areas were in desperate need of a makeover, and, as summer is coming soon, especially the outdoor seating had priority.

However, first we were guided through the distribution center and got some explanation about the organization of Food Bank Haaglanden (within The Hague, the Netherlands and even within Europe). For example we were told that some food banks have a surplus of milk products and other food banks receive too many tomatoes and cucumbers. The surpluses will be equally divided among other food banks so that each client of the food bank can receive the best package.

We performed this activity in cooperation with four members of The Hague Social Club. We had nice interaction and the work was easily done. Furthermore, the Food Bank prepared a delicious lunch for us which we could eat outside while enjoying the sun and our upgraded outdoor seating. After lunch, we finished the paint work and returned home, tired but satisfied.

For more information on the Food Bank Haaglanden please visit