LEAN training

One of the goals of Rotaract Den Haag – Scheveningen is also to work on personal development. To this end, we invite guest speakers, members tell about their life and work, or we do a training. On February 21st, it was the task of member Mike to give an (abridged) LEAN training.

The first part consisted of a presentation explaining that in every process waste is produced, visible or invisible, intentional or unintentional. The point of LEAN is to recognize this waste and then to optimize the process in order to reduce the amount of waste. This may for example involve adjusting the routine or the way and order work is performed. This is applicable from your morning routine to the most complex processes.

After the presentation it was time for a short workshop. The participants were divided into two groups and had to build LEGO pyramids, in three different ways. All this to see what way of working resulted in the highest yield. After some practice, all was finally going well and high (fictional) yields were achieved. The lesson of this evening was that waste is formed with everything we do. The goal is to acknowledge and recognize this so you can work towards an optimal process, so that your time can be spent even more efficient.