Rotaract and Stichting Present Den Haag

On April 7, we helped Stichting Present Den Haag cleaning up the house of an expectant mother. Stichting Present is a foundation that organizes activities for groups, general activities that take place only once, and are therefore easier to plan and execute. Activities are reported to the Foundation via social work, after which it is checked whether a group is available to do the work.

This was also the case for us on April 7. The work consisted of helping an expectant mother with cleaning up the house and the basement. Due to circumstances, she could not do this herself. Upon entering we split into two groups; the first group helped with cleaning and sorting in the house, the second group went to work in the basement to get this organized. In this work, things were sorted according to whether it should be stored, donated or be thrown away. At the end of the day, the result was a cleaner house and storage. With a good feeling, we could enjoy the rest of the day and the nice weather.

Due to privacy of the person we helped, there are no pictures available.