World Day of Social Justice – 20th February

World Day of Social Justice – 20th February

“World Day of Social Justice” (Social Justice Equality Day) is an international day recognizing the need to promote social justice, which includes efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion, gender equality, unemployment, human rights, and social protections. The United Nations General Assembly has decided to observe 20 February annually as the World Day of Social Justice.

2021 Theme: A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy

The digital economy is transforming the world of work. Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic have led to remote working arrangements and allowed for the continuation of many business activities, further reinforcing the growth and impact of the digital economy. 

Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are exposing the risks and inequalities of workers engaged in location-based platforms. For traditional businesses, the challenges include unfair competition from platforms, some of which are not subject to conventional taxation. Another challenge is the amount of funding required to continuously adapt to digital transformations, especially for small and medium enterprises, and inadequate availability of reliable digital infrastructure.

This year’s commemoration supports efforts by the international community to search for solutions to achieve sustainable development, poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, universal social protection, gender equality and access to social well-being and justice for all.

The promotion of national, regional, and international multi-stakeholder policy dialogue and coordination is also vital to ensure regulatory certainty and the applicability of universal labor standards.

Some facts:

  • Over 60 per cent of all workers lack any kind of employment contract.
  • Fewer than 45 per cent of wage and salaried workers are employed on a full-time, permanent basis, and even that share is declining.
  • By 2019, more than 212 million people were out of work, up from 201 million in previous years.

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