Burn-out Awareness Webinar

Burn-out Awareness Webinar

On 19th April, we organized a burn-out awareness webinar, with the stress and burn-out coach Daniel Smit as a speaker.

We learned, for example, how important it is to recognize the exhaustion on an early stage. The longer time one is overloaded, the more severe the burn-out will be, and the longer time it will take to heal from it.

We also learned about the various signs of burn-out. These include the physical, mental emotional and behavioral signs.

It is important to recognize the above signs early and prevent a burn-out. Few ways to do so are:

  1. Change your job, if it makes you exhausted time and time again.
  2. Go for walks in the nature without your phone, be present and take deep breaths.
  3. Do sports and other kind of activities, which make you forget everything else.
  4. Meditate or do creative things, such as painting or playing an instrument. These things will make you focused and gives a calm state of mind.
  5. Communicate with your friends and family about how you feel.