Charity Breakfast for Climate Education Package

Charity Breakfast for Climate Education Package

What is this about?

Our Club is doing a charity breakfast to collect funds to educate children about climate and water in South Africa and Romania. We are currently working on a water education package, which will be distributed in schools.

How can I help?

The answer is simple – register for the Christmas breakfast organized by Rotaract Scheveningen!
In case you live further away, but still want to be part of our campaign, choose the option ‘I only want to donate money’ in the form.


Sunday, 12th of December! We will be delivering breakfasts in the Hague from 08:30 AM until 10:30 AM. Straight to your doorstep with keeping the required distance, of course!

What’s the menu?

Chocolate brownie, Yoghurt with granola, Quiche with vegetables, Toast (ham and cheese), fruit salad and juice

Sounds yummy! How can I participate?

You can sign up by filling in the Google form:
We accept registrations until 8th of December so don’t procrastinate!

The price of one menu is 11€. You can order 4 menus for just 40€!